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How We Are Different

There are many ways that Bay Mortgage is different than many mortgage banks.  The best way to find out is meet our staff or give us a call, but in the meantime, here are a couple of select points:

Honesty and integrity.  Most potential buyers have no idea what goes into buying or refinancing a home.  Unfortunately, many times these potential buyers are viewed as ‘prey’ and not ‘partners’.  We value the business of our customers.  We want them to come back when they buy their next house or refinance.  Sure, we make money on transactions, but a fair amount.  One that allows us to pay our bills, make our house payments, and stay in business so we are here for the next time you need us - and provides our customers with homes at highly competitive interest rates and closing costs.  Excellent service at a fair price is what you will receive from Bay Mortgage.

Technology.  One of the reasons that we can keep our pricing so competitive is our investment in technology.  Our internal hardware network and software applications allow us to:

·      Save reams of paper weekly by storing 99% of our documents electronically.  We would rather have trees providing shade and clean air than sitting in boxes in a storage area or being shredded and in a landfill.

·      Communication between customers and lenders happens instantly.  Where before, packets of overnight papers were flown around the country costing up to $50 per shipment – we now electronically send PDF’s at zero cost.  We pass this savings directly on to our customers.

·      Website:  Are you too busy to stop in to fill out an application packet?  No problem – just go to our application page on our website and enter your basic prequalification info either while at work or at home.  We can let you know via email the approval info either that day or next business day guaranteed.

Community. You will see throughout our literature "locally owned and operated".  That is important to us.  Our Northern Michigan Community has provided us with the opportunity to conduct business in this wonderful, unique area.  As Bay Mortgage continues to grow, we promise to continue to give back to the community that has provided us with so much. 

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