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If you carry a balance every month on your credit cards, you have either already seen a significant increase in your payments or soon will.  The Federal Government has cracked down on credit card issuers and their payback guidelines. 

The average American has approximately $9,200 in credit card debt.  The expected 2 percent increase in the minimum payment equates to roughly $400. That is a significant additional expense each month.  Unfortunately, this change is coming at a time when gas and heating fuel prices along with rising inflation, are already belt-tightening.

We can show you how to use the equity in your home to consolidate your out of control high interest debt into a much more manageable structure that can possibly save you thousands of dollars annually.

This is no gimmick:  if you have equity in your home, fair to great credit, but have high interest debt with monthly payments of $200 or more – we can start saving you money next month.  Again – it costs nothing for you to find out – give us a call today!

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