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Bay Mortgage Northern - Congratulations, you have improved your Credit!!

Here's the situation:  Two years ago you bought your first home - it was a tricky deal to do because your credit had some dings on it.  As a result, you probably have an interest rate on your mortgage that is 6.75% or higher.  But your Mortgage Consultant told you:  "There is no better way to increase your credit score than by making your mortgage payments - every month and on time."

So you did that.  Chances are, your credit score has significantly increased.  Have you checked it lately?

By refinancing and getting into a conforming loan, you could reduce the interest rate on your mortgage and save hundreds of dollars every month.  It's worth a look, isn't it?  Contact Bay Mortgage for a free Refinance Consultation Appointment - come on in, give us a call, or enter your information online.  It's time to be rewarded for your financial responsibility.

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