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Debt Consolidation - Your Options with Bay Mortgage

Keep this in mind…we are here to help.  For one reason or another, and often times out of your control, you find yourself swimming in high-interest debt.  Collectors call and you lie awake at night wondering how to pay the high interest bills and your mortgage.  You might not know this now, but your home mortgage is an incredibly powerful tool that can help you  get back on track.  It's true that in today's financial climate, solid credit and employment are more important than ever and you'll need to have existing equity in your home to reap the benefits, but we’ll show you how to use your equity to your advantage by decreasing the interest rates and making the interest tax-deductible.

Why consolidate debt?
Credit Card Interest Rates are over 10%
Auto Loan is over 10%
Home Equity Line of Credit is over 10%
Medical Bills have accumulated
Trouble making minimum credit card payments
Many more

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